The Chicago Police Board

The Chicago Police Board is an independent civilian body that oversees certain activities of the Chicago Police Department. The nine members of the Board are private citizens appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.

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Current board members

How often a member agreed with the final decision of the board
Board member Agreed Disagreed Did not vote Voting chart
Delgado Eva-Dina  Delgado, Member

Eva-Dina Delgado, Member

Manager, Local Government and Community Relations, People's Gas

58% 3% 39%
Flores Steve  Flores, Member

Steve Flores, Member

Partner, Winston & Strawn

52% 3% 45%
O'Malley Jr. John P. O'Malley Jr., Member

John P. O'Malley Jr., Member

Director of Corporate Security, William Blair & Co.

82% 18% 0%
Simpson John H.  Simpson, Member

John H. Simpson, Member

Partner, Broadhaven Capital Partners

94% 3% 3%
Zopp Andrea Zopp, Member

Andrea Zopp, Member

President and CEO, World Business Chicago

100% 0% 0%
Lightfoot Lori Lightfoot, President

Lori Lightfoot, President

Lawyer, Mayer Brown

91% 9% 0%
Wolff Paula Wolff, Vice President

Paula Wolff, Vice President

Director, Illinois Justice Project

0% 100% 0%

Past board members

How often a member agreed with the final decision of the board
Board member Agreed Disagreed Did not vote Voting chart
Apelbaum Phyllis L. Apelbaum

Phyllis L. Apelbaum

Founder and CEO, Arrow Messenger Service, Inc.

59% 7% 34%
Ballate Melissa Ballate

Melissa Ballate

President, Blue Darling, Inc.

71% 14% 15%
Conlon William Conlon

William Conlon

Partner, Sidley Austin LLP

74% 21% 5%
Eaddy Michael Eaddy, Member

Michael Eaddy, Member

Senior Pastor, People's Church of the Harvest Church of God in Christ

84% 10% 5%
McKeever Susan L. McKeever, Member

Susan L. McKeever, Member

Principal, Law Firm of Susan L. McKeever

68% 4% 28%
Sweeney Rhoda Davis Sweeney, Member

Rhoda Davis Sweeney, Member

Judge (retired), Circuit Court of Cook County

89% 8% 3%
Carney Demetrius E. Carney, President

Demetrius E. Carney, President

Partner, Bryan Cave LLP

74% 10% 16%
Foreman Ghian Foreman, Vice President

Ghian Foreman, Vice President

Partner, Maktub Development LLC

80% 11% 9%
Armendariz Victor Armendariz

Victor Armendariz

6% 3% 58%
Bobb Patricia Bobb

Patricia Bobb

President, Patricia C. Bobb & Associates

57% 9% 34%
Davis Scott J. Davis

Scott J. Davis

Partner, Mayer Brown LLP

68% 12% 20%
Fry Rita Fry

Rita Fry

President, RAF Consulting, Inc.

79% 9% 12%
Gonzales Victor Gonzales

Victor Gonzales

Assistant General Counsel, Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Illinois

80% 6% 14%
Kirkling William Kirkling

William Kirkling

Dentist, Private Practice

72% 6% 22%
Miller Rev. Johnny L. Miller

Rev. Johnny L. Miller

Pastor, Mount Vernon Baptist Church

69% 5% 26%
Rodriguez Elisa Rodriguez

Elisa Rodriguez

Partner, Rodriguez & Flores-Szeto LLC

80% 7% 13%
Smith Arthur J. Smith

Arthur J. Smith

President, Art's Enterprises, Inc.

76% 7% 17%
Vlecich George Vlecich

George Vlecich

Partner, Belgrade & O'Donnell P.C.

74% 9% 18%